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Carion Air Conditioning Services Pte Ltd is a company committed to provide total quality specialized services in Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Mechanical Ventilation, Sales, Design, Repairs and Maintenance Services to our customer's satisfaction and to develop business strategies to improve our competitive edge to expand our services to lead the industry in this region.

To maintain this high standard of customer's satisfaction and to achieve the competitive edge in the home and world market, the management and all the staff are reaffirmed to excel in the continuous quality improvement process and to review and improve the developed quality management system to meet the stringent requirement of ISO 9002: 1994 revision.

Carion Air Conditioning Services Pte Ltd was founded in 2002; the company has experience in chillers maintenance, repairs, overhaul, design and installation serving the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Our main aim is to satisfy all our customers with value and quality in mind.